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Karst caves and hard-to-reach peaks, virgin woods, turbulent rivers and mountain lakes, ancient fortresses and monasteries naturally serve as perfect "decorations" for adventure and quest tours in Armenia and Artsakh (Karabakh).

Liberate a princess from pirates of the mountainous lake Sevan or hunt for warriors’s treasures in the caves of Vayq with the help of an old map. We are ready to offer breathtaking scenarios for adventure tours to make your visit to Armenia an unforgettable one.

Aspar Tour provides all the gear and equipment needed for adventure tours. Agency’s professional staff guarantees you comfortable and safe tours. Please note, that all the offroading vehicle seats are insured.

Adventure and quest tours of our agency are self-sufficient and fascinating, moreover they can be combined with various cultural, historical, extreme tourism, corporate travel or any other programs offered by “Aspar Tour”.

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