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Armenia and Artsakh (Karabakh) in Six Days


Day 1

  • Arrival to Yerevan, airport pickup and transfer to one of the Yerevan hotels
  • Lunch/dinner/supper in local restaurants, depending on the arrival time
  • Tour to the most remarkable spots of Yerevan — Republic Square and Singing Fountains, Cascade complex, etc.
  • Yerevan Brandy Factory tour, tasting legendary Armenian brandy.
  • Overnight stay in hotel

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to the ancient pagan temple of Garni (1st century BC)
  • Outdoor lunch (Armenian traditional cuisine, home made vodka and wines) while enjoying the view of Garni river gorge.
  • Visiting the Geghard Monastery included in the list of UNESCO's World Heritage
  • Setting off to mountainous lake Sevan (1905 meters above sea level)
  • Enjoying lake cruise onboard a catamaran and swimming in freshwater lake Sevan
  • Dinner (pollan fish barbeque, crawfish, alcoholic beverages, etc) on the bank of the lake
  • Setting off to Dilijan city, Tavush region
  • Overnight stay in the local cozy hotel

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to Dsegh village, Lori region
  • Enjoying the fascinating nature of the village, having a light snack
  • Trip through Atan-Yenokavan route with marvelous woodland scenery to Nzhara and Kochakar green lands (“yaylas”) situated on 1500 meters above the sea level
  • Lunch (locally produced organic food) at Nzhara green land area
  • Walking tour to Lastiver Anapat*. The trip (3 km) is estimated to take 20-30 minutes and requires moderate level of fitness

    * Lastiver is located in picturesque, thick forest on the bank of river Khachaghbyur on 1200 metres above the sea level. The river has many gorgeous waterfalls and is famous for its delicious fish called Karmrakhayt (redeye). You will find yourself reveling in the stunning beauty of the scenery with small and large natural caves inside impressive high rocks rising from both banks of the river. Lastiver has all the conditions to please lovers of wild and active tourism.

  • Dinner (barbeque variety, potatoes baked in ashes, fruits, juices, home-made vodka, wine, etc.) at Lastiver area
  • Overnight stay at Lastiver area in caves or in comfortable tents and sleeping bags provided by the travel agency

Day 4

  • Breakfast
  • * Jermajur is warm mineral springs in Karvachar region, Nagorno Karabakh. Jermajur water is similar to Karlov Var (Czech Republic) and Jermuk (Armenia) and is known for its healing features
  • Enjoying trip to Jermajur spring* through Martuni-Vardenis-Sodk route

    * Jermajur — warm mineral spring located in the ravine of the river Tartar in the Karvachar region of Nagorno Karabakh. Its water is similar by its features to Jermuk (Armenia) and Karlov Var (Czech Republic) springs.

  • Lunch at an open air area on the bank of the river Tutkhun
  • Setting off to Dadivank Monastery complex (9-13th centuries)
  • Sightseeing at Vank village area, Martakert region
  • Dinner at the restaurant of local hotel in Vank village
  • Overnight stay in one of the Vank village hotels

Day 5

Day 6

Notes: “Aspar Wild Tour’’ provides everything needed for the trip, including drinking water, hot drinks, soft drinks, fruits — fresh and dried. Outdoor dinner and/or supper can be arranged. Specially enhanced offroaders are used for transportation, which also carry tents, sleeping bags, portable showers and sleeping pads for camping, water- and windproof clothing, etc. “Aspar Wild Tour’s’’ professional drivers will accompany you during the whole tour.

All passenger seats in our vehicles are covered by insurance.

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