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Active Leisure, Extreme Tourism, Eco-tourism

Hiking and trekking, rock climbing and rafting, powered parachute flights and river crossings with our instructors.

  • Seven- and ten-day long horseback tours to the most picturesque sights of Armenia. We provide all the equipment and supplies necessary for the trip. Our guests will visit breathtaking natural and human-made monuments from so-called dragon stones to petroglyphs to ancient settlements and fortresses.
  • Hiking tours through different regions of Armenia and Artsakh. These tours also include visiting historical and cultural monuments. Groups are escorted by highly professional and experienced guides. Our staff members meet the tourists in designated locations to provide food and rest facilities. Camps are available along the routes for save and comfortable overnight stays.
  • Two thirds of the European birds can be found in Armenia and Artsakh (Karabakh). Armenia provides breeding habitat for 365 of bird species because despite its relatively small territory it incorporates several climatic zones.
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About Armenia and Artsakh
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Equipment and Transportation

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