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Northern and Southern Artsakh: from Jraberd Fortress to historical Dizak, 5 days


Day 1

  • Setting off from Yerevan to Jraberd via Vardenis-Sodq-Karvachar route
  • Lunch at a restaurant in Martuni city
  • Setting off to Dadivank Monastery complex
  • Sightseeing at Pokr Jermajur (“ Small warm water”), Karvachar region (Artsakh) Jermajur warm mineral springs located on Tutkhun river bank.

    Jermajur spring is similar to Karlov Var (Czech Republic) and Jermuk (Armenia) and is known for its healing features. Swimming in mineral waters of Pokr Jermajur

  • Dinner (barbeque variety, home-made vodka, etc.) in an open air area at the Jermajur area
  • Overnight stay in comfortable tents and sleeping bags provided by the travel agency (The accommodation at village houses can be arranged to meet your wishes)

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to Jraberd* medieval fortress near the Tartar river

    * Jraberd («Water Fortress») is an Armenian medieval fortress in Martakert region, Artsakh. The fortress is situated on the rock at the confluence of the river Tartar and its tributary Trkhi. The river Trkhi is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe which flows through the beautiful gorge, mountains and forests.

  • Setting off to Yerits Mankants Monastery

    * Yerits Mankants Monastery — a three-nave vaulted basilica church was built of clearly-trimmed and roughly processed whitish stone. The dome of the temple rises over four remarkable, square, cruciform pillars and the arches connecting them. The square beam of the door is completely lithographed carving-texture. The monastery is a striking example of late medieval architecture of Artsakh.

  • Lunch at an open air area near the Monastery
  • Sightseeing at Yerits Mankants Monastery
  • Overnight stay in comfortable tents and sleeping bags provided by the travel agency at the Monastery area. (The accommodation at village boarding houses can be arranged to meet your wishes)

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to Gandzasar Monastery complex

    * Gandzasar (meaning Treasure Mountain) is a 13th century monastery. During 15-18th centuries it was the residence of the catholicos of the Albanian Catholicate of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Currently it is the seat of the Archbishop of Artsakh.Lunch at a restaurant in Vank village.

  • Setting off to “Nor Kyank” (New Life) aquapark (Togh village ravine, Hadrut region)
  • Setting off to Gtchavank Monastery (12th century), Halevor Bridge and Abunts Gyol
  • Open air dinner at Gtchavank Monastery area
  • Returning to aquapark
  • Overnight stay at aqua park area in comfortable tents and sleeping bags provided by the travel agency or in Hadrut city hotel

Day 4

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to Arjaghbyur eminence, Dizapayt mountain range
  • Walking tour to Kataro Monastery. The trip is estimated to take 1.5 hours and requires moderate level of fitness.
  • Lunch at open air area at Arjaghbyur area
  • Returning to Mets Tagher village
  • A little rest at “Kazh” tea house
  • Sightseeing in the village (visiting smithy, walking old streets, enjoying the view of old houses, etc)
  • Supper in «Kazh» (organic village food)
  • Return to aqua park
  • Overnight stay at aquapark special fenced green area or one of Hadrut hotels

Day 5

Notes: “Aspar Tour’’ provides everything needed for the trip, including drinking water, hot drinks, soft drinks, fruits — fresh and dried. Outdoor dinner and/or supper can be arranged. Specially enhanced offroaders are used for transportation, which also carry tents, sleeping bags, portable showers and sleeping pads for camping, water- and windproof clothing, etc. “Aspar Tour’s’’ professional drivers will accompany you during the whole tour.

All passenger seats in our vehicles are covered by insurance.

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