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Southern Artsakh: “New Life” Waterworld, Meliks’ Palace, Gtchavank Monastery, Halevor Bridge, Kavakavank Monastery, Vensaberd Citadel, 2 days


Day 1

Day 2

Notes: “Aspar Tour’’ will provide you with everything needed for the trip, including hot drinks, soft drinks, fruits, dried fruits and snacks. Outdoor dinner and/or supper can be arranged. You also can have your meals in the waterworld restaurant and in “Kadj” tearoom in Mets Tagher village. Specially enhanced offroaders are used for transportation. All the vehicles carry all the equipment necessary for a comfortable trip, including comfortable tents, sleeping bags and portable showers for camping. “Aspar Tour’s’’ professional drivers will be with you during the whole tour.

All passenger seats in our vehicles are covered by insurance.

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"New Life" Water World, Hadrut
Restaurant Csardas
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