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Beautiful Armenia, 8 days

Eight days in Armenia and Artsakh (Karabakh)


Day 1

  • Arrival to Yerevan, airport pickup, transfer to one of the Yerevan hotels
  • Lunch/dinner/supper in a restaurant depending on the time of arrival
  • Tour to the most remarkable spots of Yerevan - Republic Square and Singing Fountains, Cascade complex, etc. More relaxing options also available: rest at the hotel or an entertaining evening walk in the city.
  • An interactive and adventure quest game in Yerevan city
  • Overnight stay in hotel

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to Etchmiadzin city, visiting the Mother See of Holy Etchimadzin, Zvartnots temple (included in UNESCO's World Heritage List
  • Tour to Yerevan Brandy Factory, tasting of legendary Armenian brandy Setting off to Garni village
  • Outdoor lunch (Armenian traditional cuisine) enjoying the nice view of Garni gorge bank
  • Visiting the ancient pagan temple of Garni and Geghard Monastery included in UNESCO's World Heritage List
  • Overnight stay in one of Garni hotels

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to Hatis Mountain heights or Aparan (depending on weather) for paragliding
  • Enjoying paragliding in Hatis or Aparan
  • Lunch
  • Returning to Yerevan
  • Dinner at a restaurant
  • Overnight stay in a hotel

Day 4

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to Areni village (Vayots Dzor region)
  • Tour in Areni wine factory. Wine tasting in Areni factory
  • Lunch in the factory restaurant (traditional Armenian cuisine)
  • Setting of to Zorats Karer (“Armenian Stonehenge”), Syunik region
  • Trip to Lake Harzhis and “Satani Kamurj” (Devil’s Bridge)
  • A little rest to enjoy the breathtaking nature of Vayots Dzor
  • Swimming in the river near the “Satani Kamurj” (Devil’s Bridge) and in mineral water pools
  • Trip to Tatev Monastery (9th century)
  • Dinner at the local restaurant
  • City tour in Goris
  • Overnight stay at Goris city hotel

Day 5

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to Ukhtasar Mountain, Black Lake, viewing ancient rock paintings
  • Lunch in Khoznavar village (Armenian organic village food)
  • Setting off to Shushi city, Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)
  • Dinner at a restaurant
  • Overnight stay at Shushi city hotel

Day 6

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to village Mets Tagher, Hadrut region
  • Visiting the local smithy
  • Lunch break at “Kazh” teahouse
  • Setting off to Togh village, visiting Meliqneri Aparank (Lords’ Castle)
  • Exotic dinner in a forest at Gtchavank area
  • Visiting Gtchavank Monastery (12th century), Halevor Bridge and Abunts Gyol
  • Returning to Shushi city
  • Overnight stay at Shushi city hotel

Day 7

  • Breakfast
  • Visiting Ghazanchetsots Monastery, Shushi Fortress and Hunot Canyon
  • Setting off to the ruins of ancient Tigranakert*

    * Tigranakert is an Armenian city dating back to the Hellenistic period. It is named in honor of the Armenian king Tigran the Great (r. 95–55 B.C.) Excavations at Tigranakert began in March 2005 when it was first discovered, and are currently ongoing.

  • Tour to Vank village
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Visiting Gandzasar Monastery complex
  • Picnic and rest on the bank of Khachen River
  • Overnight stay at hotel

Day 8

  • Breakfast
  • Setting off to Dadivank Monastery complex, Karvachar region
  • Sightseeing in Jermajur* at Tutkhun river canyon

    * Jermajur is warm mineral springs located on Tutkhun river bank. Jermajur water is similar to Karlov Var (Czech Republic) and Jermuk (Armenia) and is known for its healing features

  • A little rest, swimming in mineral water pools
  • Lunch
  • Setting off to mountainous Lake Sevan lying at 1905 m above sea level
  • Dinner at a restaurant in Sevan (pollan fish barbeque, crawfish, beer, etc)
  • Returning to Yerevan

Notes: “Aspar Wild Tour’’ provides everything needed for the trip, including drinking water, hot drinks, soft drinks, fruits — fresh and dried. Outdoor dinner and/or supper can be arranged. Specially enhanced offroaders are used for transportation, which also carry tents, sleeping bags, portable showers and sleeping pads for camping, water- and windproof clothing, etc. “Aspar Wild Tour’s’’ professional drivers will accompany you during the whole tour.

All passenger seats in our vehicles are covered by insurance.

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